Onsite Resources and Management Consulting

The JJL Management Consulting business is aimed at improvement of business processes, reducing operational costs, minimising risk and maximising business efficiency.

The Management Consulting Services include the following functions…

Vendor Management

Monitoring, measuring and managing vendors against SLAs. Mediating over contractual difficulties. Continuously analysing, containing and reducing costs on vendor engagements and service contracts. Reassess suitability of vendors solutions, products and services. Ensuring accuracy of vendor billing.

Contracts Management

Identifying and advising on potential risks in vendor contracts and service agreements. Negotiating renewal of contracts on behalf of clients. Defining support procedures and escalation contact matrices for ongoing services provided by the vendor.

Process Improvement

Analysing existing business processes and identifying possible improvements to achieve cost reduction and operational efficiencies.

Change Management

Installing a willingness and culture of change across organisations from executive to workforce level. Performing Change Management projects aligned to large ERP implementations or Business Process Improvement facilitation.